People stared at James as he walked back to his seat with tears in his eyes. The crowd didn’t stare at him with pity, but with awe and admiration. James had just walked off the stage after receiving an award as a top producer and the tears in his eyes were from pure joy and a sense of accomplishment.

Only two short years earlier he was sitting on the steps outside his apartment with his girlfriend’s head buried in his shoulder. She was hysterical because they had just been locked out of their apartment for non-payment.

It was at that moment, on those steps in 2005, that things changed forever. James vowed to never let anything like that happen ever again.

So what did my friend and mentor change that enabled him to walk across that stage, celebrating $8 million dollars in sales and putting nearly a half a million dollars into his bank account in 2007?

He changed where he focused his attention.

And today James’ business produces over $75 million a year in sales because of that tiny adjustment. When you focus your attention on your intentions (dreams and goals) consistently, they will materialize. Instead of directing his attention on his present lack of money in 2005, he shifted his focus and kept his attention on the end result he wanted to create.

His mind chatter went from, “how am I going to pay my bills?” to “how am I going to create xxx?,” and he consistently pictured himself in attainment of that goal.

In an excerpt from chapter 3 of my eBook, Manifesting Miracles: The Hidden Keys to Unlocking the Law of Attraction, I wrote . . .

“The Law of Attraction is simply, that we attract into our lives whatever we focus our attention on. Good or bad.. . .”

Where do you focus your attention?

Your own mind is constantly chatting with itself; good things; bad things; nonsense things; going over To Do lists; reviewing the argument you had the day before with your spouse; your money problems.

It literally, never stops.

Do you find yourself focusing your attention daily on things like that? Most people do.

People with successful lives focus their attention on their wants, dreams, desires and goals. They picture themselves already in possession of the things that they desire.

By successful I am not just referring to financial status. I am talking about living the life that you dream of, whether that is a slow paced, get up when you want, walk with nature and watch the sunrise/sunset kind of life or a family life that is supportive, loving and free of drama.

You may even desire a fast paced life filled with adventure, travel and fun.

It’s all up to you. But the question is . . .

Are you living the life of your Dreams?

If you aren’t living the life of your dreams it may very well be because your attention is focused on the wrong things. You may be suffering from what I call M.A.D. – Misaligned Attention Disorder.

M.A.D. is directing your attention to what you don’t have instead of what you want and giving more attention to the negative self-talk in your head; negative thoughts that trick you into believing that you can’t have everything that you desire.

It’s a misalignment of your desires and attention.

One of the most important things to remember is . . . where your attention goes, your energy flows. Whatever you pay the most attention to is what you will create.

You only have one life, so why not live it the way you deserve to live it. You can have everything you want in life and then some. If you think that’s a bunch of Hogwash, it’s because you haven’t consistently tried to realigned your daily attention to focus on the things that you desire.

The ONLY difference between you not having what you want in life and others who have EVERYTHING they want in life, is that they consistently focus their attention on the object of their desires. By doing that, you too will manifest the situations and opportunities that will bring you all that you want.

Focused attention is VERY powerful. Look where it has gotten you so far.

So how do you do it?

First you have to become aware.

What do your friends and family say? Are their words and actions supportive of you attaining your goal(s)? Do they give you words of encouragement and help you focus your attention? If not, you may have to reconsider the amount of time you spend around them.

Yes, sometimes you must change your surroundings in order for things to change.

Second, become aware of what your head is telling you? Is your mind chatter supporting your dreams and goals? Whatever your mind is telling you, you will duplicate in real life. You’re current situation is a direct reflection of all the thoughts that run through your head on a daily basis.

Third, keep a journal of the things that your head is telling you. Write them down and underneath each limiting thought write the opposite supporting thoughts and focus on that. Make that your new self-talk.

It takes some work but becomes easier the more you do it. Once you become aware of the chatter, it’s simply a matter a replacing it with a more effective statement.

An example would be –

Your current mind chatter, “I don’t have the skills to become/do/have _____________.” And that is where you attention goes. The lack of skill.

You can replace that with, “I am working daily on developing the skills necessary to become/do/have ___________, and I am eager and open to seeing every opportunity to develop those skills.”

That is something more positive and powerful to focus your attention.

It’s Simple

It is just a matter of being aware of where your attention goes. If your mind chatter is negative or limiting, replace it with something in the positive and place your attention on that.

It really is that simple. Only you decide to make it difficult. You CAN cure your M.A.D. and create a P.A.A., Positively Aligned Attention; focusing your attention on your new thoughts to create all that you desire.

“I effortlessly recognize and replace limiting thoughts and focus my attention on my new empowering thoughts.”

To You Success,

Scott V.

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