LinkedIn is a lesser used social platform for building a business. But it is a fantastic way to make connections and build your business if you know how to use it effectively. Below are a few quick tips to help you along.

Tip 1: Include your contact information everywhere you can, not just in the contact section. That section is only viewable to 1st degree contacts. Enter your contact information at the end of your background summary and all of your listed job experiences too.

You can also include your auto responder link in your profile. More on auto-responders below.

Tip 2:

Make your efforts count; focus on joining LinkedIn groups that contain people who are your ideal prospects or influencers in your industry. Yes, there are groups on LinkedIn.

You can locate Groups under the Interest tab at the top of your LinkedIn page. Once on the Groups page you can search groups with the blue “Find a Group” button on the right side of the page. You can join up to 50 groups, so make them count.

After you join these groups you can create relative content and post it to the groups. You can repost your relevant blog content, how-to tips, and helpful guides. By doing this, you will position and brand yourself as an industry leader.

Make sure to remain active in your groups. Visibility is important, so I wouldn’t advise joining the limit of 50 groups. I would select 5-10 niche relative groups that you can focus your energy on by sharing valuable content and consistently engaging with members.

Tip 3:

Now that you are a member of a number of groups you can also conduct market research to find out what your target market thinks. WARNING: Do not be sales-y.

Unfortunately the very useful LinkedIn Polls feature is no longer available as of May of 2014. But don’t fret; you can simply pose/post a question. For example if you are a sales trainer you may ask the group, “what method of learning do you prefer (webinars, tele-seminars, classroom, self-study . . .)?” Their real world/real time answers to you questions can help you to formulate future marketing efforts.

Tip 4:

When people request to connect with you, do you just accept the connection and go about your daily business without giving it a second thought? You are missing a great opportunity to really connect with this person if that is the case.

First create and save a greeting in a folder on your computer. You can keep it simple and personable and say something like:

“Hey, ________ thanks for connecting with me on LinkedIn. I value connecting with like-minded people. If want to find out more about me head on over to my website , connect with me on Twitter @yourusername or

I noticed that you are in the field of _________. What does your ideal client look like so I can best serve to help you build your business? Please let me know.

Feel free to contact me any time at 702.555.1212 or at “

Now you will always have your readily customizable response ready to send to those that wish to connect with you.

Tip 5:

Make sure to have your auto-responders set up on your website to capture the leads that you attract from LinkedIn. If you are not familiar with auto-responders you can check out some of the resources listed below to see which one fits your needs best. Most require a monthly commitment but have free trials of 30 and 60 days.

Mail Chimp – free
Listwire – free
Aweber – paid
Get response – paid
iContact – paid
Constant Contact – paid

If you are not using LinkedIn, auto responders or are not exactly sure what auto responders are and how they can help you build your business, go to this link . . .


I would be excited to schedule a free discovery session with you and explain the usefulness of auto-responders and give you some more insight into growing your business.

To Your Success,

Scott Venezia

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