Public speaking is a phenomenal way to market yourself and your services/products. And I have done that on stages and in front of audiences as small as 3 people and as large as 12,000. There is nothing more exhilarating than getting to share my message, no matter the size of the audience. The energy from a small gathering can actually be just as energizing as a crowd of 12,000.

But, the caveat is that small crowds have the potential to be more intimidating.

The up close and intimate setting of 10, 25 or even 100 people has the potential to be much more intimidating than a large audience. The reason – the sheer size of a mega audience makes it easier for newer speakers because they can block out the crowd easier.

I enjoy speaking to large audiences but I like to connect with the crowd; that can be done with large gatherings but it takes a special talent to do it. It is much easier to get down and dirty and intimate with a smaller group of people.

Here are a couple things to help if you are new to speaking in front of REAL PEOPLE.


The bottom twenty percent (20%) of any audience will automatically not like you. No matter how good your material, your delivery and your outfit.
Sixty percent (60%) of any audience will automatically be neutral. They will neither like you nor hate you.
The top twenty percent (20%) will LOVE YOU!
Those are the facts. You can’t change them, so accept them. Once you do it will make it easier to speak in those more intimate settings.


Sleepers, arm crossers, eye rollers, cell phone texters and indifferent participants can distract you and rattle your confidence cage.

Scan your audience for the people that are awake, sitting up or leaning forward, taking notes, paying attention, watching your every move, laughing at your silly jokes, smiling and nodding. Those are the participants that you want to focus on. They will help to energize you and boost your confidence.

Don’t let the bottom 20% bring you down. You will find them in just about every audience and they are not a reflection of your appearance, delivery or effectiveness. Focus on your top 20% for ease, energy and confidence and have fun changing the world from the front of the room.

If you would like to find out more about using speaking as a platform to market yourself please contact me for a free consultation by clicking HERE.

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